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December 8, 2013

Week 14
Jets (6-7) 37 Raiders (4-9) 27
The Jets needed this game with the Raiders the way the Giants needed the Washingtons in week 12. Until very late in the 4th quarter, every possession was completed with a score
If these two teams played in Europe’s pro-soccer circuit they both might get demoted to a lower ranked league.
Smith wasn’t that hot but still won.
Chargers (6-7) 37 Giants (6-8) 14
As intense that the Giants played for the last couple of weeks, their trip to the left coast was exemplified by the Chargers 3rd down success %- 66%. NY was 37% on 3rd and 50%on 4th. The Giants rushed for 92 and passed for 241. SD had 144 and 244 rushing and passing respectively. Eli was 20-32, 2 INT. Phillip Rivers was 21-28, 0 INT.
Next Steps For Cash
Andrew Marchand (ESPN.com) told us Robinson Cano is facing a decision of a lifetime and of a lifestyle. If the Seattle Mariners are really ready to step up and financially knock the mighty Yankees out of the park, Cano must decide what is most important to him.
On one corner of the country is potentially an extra $25+ million or so on a $200 million contract, but it comes with a commute for his family from the Dominican Republic that includes no nonstops and half a day in the air from the D.R.’s Las Americas International Airport to Seattle-Tacoma International.
Or does he want to stay in New York, minus the $25 million, but with his family closer and the prestige of being a career Yankee and probably a much greater chance of winning? Plus, he can hang with Jay Z more. What’s it going to be, Robbie?
Cano, 31 and not married, has always said this will be a family decision. During the All-Star Game, his dad spoke up and said not only did he think Cano would stay in the Bronx, but that it was at least important to the father that the commute not be that long.
CATCHING PROSPECTS: The Yankees have not given up on their catching prospects, but if they develop they could become important trade pieces. The Yankees could not turn to Gary Sanchez (Double-A in 2013), Austin Romine (MLB backup in 2013), Francisco Cervelli (coming off drug suspension) or J.R. Murphy (mostly Triple-A in 2013) and expect much of an upgrade for 2014. Sanchez, soon to be 21, is not ready yet. He has the highest ceiling and, by the time he could be Bronx-bound, McCann could be ready to move to first. In 2016, you could see Sanchez as the backup and then the starter in 2017. It could work out nicely. Andrew Marchand (ESPNNY.com) reports that he heard, “While the Yankees want Cano to stay, they have already agreed with Brian McCann on an $85 million contract and are engaged in talks with a number of other free agents, which is chipping away at their goal of lowering the 2014 payroll to under $189 million to cut their luxury tax burden. If some of the Yankees’ targets agreed to deals before Cano decides, then Cano runs the risk that the Yankees would move on. There is no clear market for the 31-year-old All-Star second baseman, though he is considered by far the best free agent available. Yankees team president Randy Levine already said last week the Yankees will not have serious talks with Cano until he drops off his original $310 million asking price. If the Yankees’ $175 million won’t get it done, then the Yankees must move on. Cano is a great player who will be missed the next three years. In the middle of the seven-year-deal, he will be 35, which is usually when most second baseman are going downhill. He probably won’t be as missed then.
Cano may feel a little unloved at the moment as the Yankees aren’t giving him everything he wants. But if he goes to Seattle, his legacy will be about cash, and more importantly, his family will be half a day away.
I Agree With This Futurewatch
Bob Molinaro (HamptonRoads.com) wrote, “Of the newly eligible players for baseball’s Hall of Fame, former Braves pitcher Greg Maddux is the only sure thing. As the winner of 355 games and four consecutive Cy Young Awards and as one who played without a hint of drug scandal, he should be a shoo-in.
Olympics News
The Sports Curmudgeon gave us this Olympic glimpse from the AP that appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer-Press. “The site of the future Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro is surrounded by highly polluted water.‘In the neon green waters around the site of the future Olympic Park, the average fecal pollution rate is 78 times that of the Brazilian government’s “satisfactory” limit—and 195 times the level considered safe in the U.S. Nearly 70 percent of Rio’s sewage goes untreated, meaning runoff from its many slums and poor neighborhoods drain into waters soon to host some of the world’s best athletes.’The sailing and windsurfing competitions will take place in the bay where this pollution exists. That ought to be fun…”
Cote’s Bon Mots
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) wrote about ramblings from a cluttered mind: “The Hurricanes men’s basketball team will be away and playing on Thanksgiving in the John Wooden Legacy holiday tournament in Anaheim, Calif., opening against George Washington. I’m betting big on UM. Did some research and found out George is 281 years old.” “ FIU yanked guard Raymond Taylor from a game Thursday over eligibility issues, upon learning he’d withdrawn from the NBA Draft after the deadline. Raymond, you’re 5-6. You withdrawing from the NBA Draft is like me withdrawing from consideration for a Nobel Prize in literature.”
Dwight Perry’s (Seattle Times) Parries
“Some brazen and/or thirsty thieves made off with 304,128 cases of Red Bull from a warehouse in Medley, FL., earlier this month.
Police insiders fear that the suspects might be on the run for a while.”
“Sentences I never imagined writing, one in a series: Police pulled over Jose Conseco’s car, and in the backseat were two goats wearing diapers.”


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