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December 29, 2013

Week 17 Giants (7-9) 20 Washingtons (3-13) 6
Games being played in weather like Sunday’s are always sloppy. The game between DC and NY had nothing at stake except personal stats to be used in contract negotiations. After beginning the season 0-6, the Giants then went 7-3 to end up 7-9. Jenirgan had 57yds. rushing and 90yds. receiving; Hillis carried 17 times for 56 yards. Manning and Painter were 12-32, 156, 1 sack, 1int. The Giants D had 3 sacks and 2int. It was scary when Eli limped off with a sprained ankle.
Jets (8-8) 20 Dolphins (8-8) 7
Geno was 17-27, 190 sloppy yards, but had zero sacks, and zero ints. Powell carried the ball 17 times for 76 of the teams 154 yards. Nelson and Kerley each had 5 catches for 66 and 40 yards respectively. Santonio Holmes had 3 grabs for 41yards. Jets defense held Miami to 91 yards rushing.
Why Should The Yankees Mess With Johan? Wallace Matthews asked. “He has missed two out of the past three seasons due to injury. He will turn 34 a couple of weeks before Opening Day. And you can count the number of pitchers who have successfully returned to the major leagues after having not one, but two surgeries to repair a torn shoulder capsule, on two fingers. Provided those fingers are your thumb and index finger, forming a zero. Still, what do the Yankees have to lose by offering him a minor league deal and a chance to prove himself in spring training? So why not Santana?
Of all the free-agent pitchers still out there on the board, Santana has the best portfolio: the highest winning percentage, the lowest ERA and WHIP, the highest career WAR. He even did something once thought to be impossible, which is pitch a no-hitter for the Mets.
Yes, he would be a risky proposition, and given the nature of his injury and the fact that it happened twice, perhaps doomed to fail.
But for those same reasons, he is likely to be quite affordable, and if he can make it back to being a serviceable pitcher again, could turn out to be a tremendously good investment.”
Tanaka Posting
Jim Bowden (ESPN.com) gave us his most likely posters who would like to ink Masahiro Tanaka. He led off with the Yankees, “1-The Yankees’ top free-agent pitching target has always been Tanaka. Although their goal was to stay under the $189 million luxury-tax threshold, it was more of a goal than a mandate, as GM Brian Cashman explained to me during the winter meetings. Tanaka is a potential top-of-the-rotation starter who can, at the very least, replace the retired Andy Pettitte and, at the very best, anchor the rotation for years to come.” He followed the Yankees with the 2- Angels 3- Rangers, “Having Yu Darvish in their rotation could serve as a recruiting edge, as Tanaka can surely see how well Darvish has thrived in Texas” 4- Dodgers and 5- Braves
Kyle Lowry- Shumpert
I hope Dolan doesn’t bite this apple. Lowry is only 6 foot tall and hasn’t shown that he can light it up.
Giving up Shumpert AND World Peace is too much defensive talent to give up.
I can see Felton and World Peace alone. Giving away Shumpert is a mistake. The “experts” are saying that he’s having a bad year, but that’s not so. The suits are bouncing him around—he’s a defensive expert, he’s a 2 guard, he’s a PG, a small forward, he’s not a leader. Do you know what- he can do all of those things
Faaar Out
Ian Begley quoted Metta World Peace as saying after Knicks owner James Dolan addressed his poor playing team, “”I’m not a player, I’m an alien,” he said with a straight face. “I wasn’t actually there. I was in another galaxy with my galactic friends.”
World Peace was also asked about the idea that Mike Woodson deserves a chance to coach a healthy version of this Knicks team.
‘My focus is on winning championships. I don’t focus on anything else. Aliens only want to win championships,’ World Peace said. ‘That’s it. Injuries is not a focus. Trade talk is not a focus. Nothing is a focus. Gluten-free pasta is not a focus, which I would rather have gluten-free pasta. Hey, if I have to have regular pasta. … It is what it is. I’m still going to try to win a championship. Nothing will distract me from my focus, my galactic mind.’
Yes, it’s hard not to like Metta.”
Can You Punt And Run In Golf
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) pointed out, “It has come to my attention there is an LPGA player Sandra Gal. I wonder if she ever met punter Ray Guy?”
Spectator Sport
Greg Cote told us that, “The Key West World Championship of offshore powerboat racing ended, for those of you who enjoy following a sport not in the least bit conducive to spectators.”
All My ‘Exes
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) told us that it, “Looks like wolves finally got to Mack Brown’s door, forcing his ouster as football coach at Texas. Just call him Mack the Knifed.” OOF!
Molinarro Marinara
Bob Molinarro (HamptonRoads.com) wrote that, “Alex Rodriguez couldn’t be phonier if his last name was Kardashian.” “The best name in college football belongs to Navy safety Wave Ryder.”
No Lady Bing
Dwight Perry reminded me that back in January he wrote that Sophie Laboissonnierre lost her crown as Miss Congeniality at the Miss Coastal Vancouver beauty pageant when she pled guilty to rioting during a Stanley Cup Final. “No wonder,” he said, “she kept dropping he gloves duing the evening gown competition.”
Christmas Chat
On Christmas Eve, I had a sports chat with Santa and his chief elf and they took me to task for not writing more about “wrestling”. I told them that I didn’t write about exhibitions as a rule.
I made a mistake when I said that John Cena was the nephew of the “Wild Samoans” but I should have said that it was “The Rock.”


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