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May 9, 2014

By Bob Connolly

The Floyd Mayweather (46-0, 26KO)- Marcos Maidana (35-4, 31KO) lived up to all of the pre-fight hype. Dan Rafael (ESPN.com) wrote, “”This was a tough, competitive fight. This is what fans want to see,” said Mayweather, who was hit by more punches than in any of his 38 fights tracked by CompuBox. “I want to give fans an exciting fight. Normally, I box and move. Tonight, I gave fans an exciting fight.” He sure did. For action, it might have been his most exciting fight, perhaps with the exception of a 2012 junior middleweight title bout against Miguel Cotto. It was so good and competitive that talk after the fight immediately turned to the possibility of a fall rematch.
Judges Burt Clements (117-111) and Dave Moretti (116-112) both had it for Mayweather, while Michael Pernick had it 114-114, eliciting booing from the crowd, which was filled with Argentine fans supporting Maidana. ESPN.com also had it for Mayweather, 115-113.” I had it 116-112, Mayweather.
ESPN’s Brian Campbell noted, “We all knew Maidana’s best shot at finding success would come by cutting off the ring and smothering Mayweather with a flurry of awkward punches from various angles. What we didn’t know was that Maidana would still be fighting at relatively the same pace for the entire 12 rounds.
Maidana never buckled under the mental and physical fatigue that inevitably comes once Mayweather’s patented midfight adjustment opens the door for him to land a series of flush right hands to the face. The Argentine slugger was able to do that by maintaining a hellish pace and overwhelming Mayweather with volume, which never allowed him to properly set himself or get comfortable for a prolonged time.
Whether the reasons for Maidana’s success can be attributed to the fact that he employs a style that was always meant to give Mayweather fits only remains to be seen should the two do it again this fall.
But Maidana clearly found success where others have failed before him, even if he benefited, in part, from the stars aligning perfectly in his favor. Either way, he forced Mayweather, who landed 54 percent of his punches overall and 65 percent of his power shots, to prove once again why even in his twilight, he’s still the best in the game.
Nets Game 7
Game 7’s are, in themselves, tense affairs. However the 7th game of the Nets Raptors series was ramped up to an 11.
Paul Pierce did what he was brought in from Boston, to do. His floor leadership was instrumental in the final moment’s Brooklyn victory.
NFL Draft Notes
Norman Chad wrote, “Quite simply, every player should be a free agent from day 1. Would this create chaos? No. Would this mean the richest franchises would get the best players? No. Would this mean every player would be switching teams every year or two? Would this destroy the game? No.
The thing is, in many ways the NFL is a rigged game, like Wall Street and Washington. In this case, in the name of “competitive balance,” the NFL wants the worst teams to draft the best players; it also jimmies the schedule to allow the weakest teams to play the easiest opponents, plus there is a salary cap, revenue sharing and restricted free agency.
These are all pretty effective gimmicks if you can get away with it, and the NFL gets away with it 17 Sundays a year in broad daylight.
This doesn’t make it fair for the NFL’s worker bees, their place of work is determined for them. The rest of us deal in the free market.
Let’s look at my own personal example:
Coming out of college in 1981, I was one of the top sports writing candidates in the nation, considered a “five-tool prospect”- I could type, report, interview, write and writ for power. I was lucky enough to land with The Washington Post, and from there developed into the non-award-winning, couch-slouching columnist I am today.
But had there been a sportswriter draft and I happened to be picked by, say, USA Today, my choice would’ve been either to go write 75-word stories for a newspaper I didn’t want to join or move to Barcelona and try my hand at street mime.
Granted, it would be difficult to challenge the draft. A draft-eligible player would need to sue the NFL, it could take years to grind through the judicial system and, if it makes it way to the highest court in the land, need I remind you that Supreme Court justices often have sat in luxury boxes at Redskins games.
By the way, I just had a brilliant, out of the box thought, I imagine, one gets when smoking reefer- in the event the NFL draft remains an annual staple, a team like the Cleveland Browns might benefit from making picks while high.
So I was discussing the Bryce Harper situation with my dog- Duffy (he’s a patient listener) and I asked him if he saw that the DC Senators put Harper on the DL after having a thumb injury requiring surgery. He was injured because he flamboyantly slid into 1st trying to beat out an infield grounder.
I looked at Duffy to see if he was going to answer me but he just gave me a look that said, “You know what they say about karma.”
Never Mind
Dwight Perry asked, “Ever wonder what happens when an NBA calls time out?
‘I meet with my coaches out on the court and they tell me what they think we should do,’ Clippers coach Doc Rivers told the San Francisco Chronicle. I ignore them, go back to the bench and tell the players what I think they should do. They ignore me and go out and do whatever they want to do.” One-Hip Wonder
Dwight Perry reported, “Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari underwent hip-replacement surgery. Doctors reportedly pressed him to do a double replacement, but he wanted to be one-and-done.
She Said Janice Hough (LeftCoastSportsBabe.com) said after the San Jose Sharks blew a 3-0 playoffs lead, losing game 7 at home. “Who knew Shark Tank was redundant.”


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