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May 30, 2014

No Hitter
It was no surprise when all of the Mets players said that the finger of blame was unfairly pointed at Dave Hudgens, the recently fired batting coach, because of the team’s poor offensive performance.
But he didn’t get the job done. Look at the Yankees guy, Kevin Long, and how he works with struggling players to get them back on track. I’m pretty sure that Curtis Granderson misses Long’s advice that kept him hitting near .300 with power (especially to the short right field Stadium porch.)
Hudgens went on to say that the Mets didn’t spend enough for him to do a good job. He said, according to the WSJ, “”If they want a winner in that town, then I would let the purse strings loose and let Sandy do what he wants to do,” Hudgens told “The Michael Kay Show” on ESPN New York.”
Alderson then added, “”With the money that we’ve had to spend, would we expect to have better results than we’ve had over the first two months of the season? I think the answer is yes,” he said. “Look, our payroll is not the highest in baseball. It’s not in the top half of baseball. I get that. I understand that. But, at the same time, I think what we expect out of ourselves is more than we’ve gotten. So from my standpoint the payroll is not an excuse.”
You can spend a lot but that’s not a guarantee for success. You still have to spend wisely. Civil Challenge Scott Ostler talked about baseball’s new system of challenges, “In the bottom of the third inning Sunday, the Giants went into their Challenge Dance. Tyler Colvin was called out on a bang-bang play at first base. Bruce Bochy lumbered out of the Giants’ dugout and over to first base. Brandon Hicks, the batter due up, decided his bat needed a pine-tar tune-up, so he loitered near the on-deck circle. Bochy engaged first-base ump Lance Barksdale, the skipper maneuvering to face his dugout. In the past, this discussion would be heated. Now, Bochy wasn’t angry, he was buying time while the clubhouse TV watcher relayed yes or no to the dugout, then to Bochy Bochy got the go sign and formally challenged. The New York review crew upheld the call. The dance was over. Curtsies and bows were exchanged. The new system is civilized, taking much of the heat out of manager-ump interaction. Bochy was freed from ancient tradition that compelled the manager to curse the umpire and impugn his judgment. He and Barksdale could have a civil discussion while they waited for the bus.
Speaking Of Bochy
Bruce Jenkins (SF Chronicle) wrote, “ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian weighed in with a great story about Bruce Bochy’s formidable head: “He told me when he got traded as a player, he’d have to take his helmet with him, and his new team would have to spray its colors on, because it wasn’t going to have a helmet that fit his head.” Bochy wasn’t much of a hitter, but one night he shocked everyone with a walk-off homer off Nolan Ryan. “After the game, the Padres ran a red carpet from the front of the clubhouse all the way to Bochy’s locker, where a six-pack of beer – with ice – was waiting inside his helmet,” said Kurkjian. “Terry Kennedy told me you can get a six-pack of beer in a lot of guys’ helmets. But only in Bochy’s can you get it with ice.”
Ole, Ole, Ole Bob Molinaro talked about the coming World Cup, “In preparation for the violent demonstrations that are expected at the World Cup in Brazil, some members of the local constabulary in Rio de Janeiro have been outfitted in paramilitary RoboCop-style flame resistant, head-to-toe protective riot gear. It’s an ominous, if slightly Hollywood look. Don’t blame it on Rio, though. The fault lies with FIFA, the international governing body, for accepting the Cup bid from such a volatile country.” Swiss Efficiency Bob Molinaro in the Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot: “Baby news: Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Federer, parents of a second set of twins. Two pregnancies, four children: Another display of famous Swiss efficiency.”
Spoken Word
Bob wrote about Peyton Manning’s commencement address at UVA (his wife, Ashley’s, alma mater). He called for the grads to help bring ethics and values back into fashion. “When you are chided for your naïveté and you will be, remind your critics that an amateur built the ark. Experts built the Titanic.”
No Contest
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) told us that, ““No contest” was the plea entered by:
a) 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith, to three felony weapons charges and two misdemeanor DUI counts of driving under the influence.
b) The Oklahoma City Thunder, in losing Game 2 to the Spurs, 112-77.”
No Appeal
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) said that, “Manager Mike Redmond was ejected from a Marlins home game after an expletive filled tirade that ended with him kicking dirt on home plate. If there is a heaven, Earl Weaver was smiling.”
Can’t Bust This Bronc
Dwight Perry told us that, “Broncos pass-catcher Wes Welker says he won’t give back his ill-gotten $14,000 from a Derby Day tote malfunction at Churchill Downs.
Or to put it football terms: Hey, I’m a receiver, not a return guy.”
Quote Marks From Dwight
“Washington State football coach Mike Leach to Reddit.com on filling out coaching staff with historical figures: Head coach: George Washington; offensive coordinator: Geronimo; offensive assistant: Tarzan; defensive coordinator: Winston Churchill; defensive assistant: Daniel Boone.”
Steve Simmons (Toronto Star) on why A’s would be a great hockey team: “They’re 19-3 when they score first.”
Curmudgeon Close
The Sports Curmudgeon said, “Finally, let me close with an item from Brad Rock of the Deseret News regarding the possibility that John Stockton might become the new coach for the Utah Jazz: ‘John Stockton’s name arose last week in connection with the Jazz’s coaching vacancy. “Sources say the only way he’d take the job is if he were allowed to conduct post-game interviews via certified mail.’ ”


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