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January 23, 2015

If You Ain’t Cheatin’ You Ain’t Tryin’
Does anyone else think that the denials from Belichick and Brady sound like those we used to hear from Gaylord Perry?
Affordable Super Bowl
Dan Daly wrote about SBII, “The face value of a Super Bowl ticket runs anywhere from $800 to $1,900 these days, and prices on the secondary market reportedly range between an arm ($2,000) and a leg ($20,000). So I thought you might be amused by what it used to cost to go to the game — from soup to nuts.
An ad appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette before Super Bowl II that offered air transportation (“via United and Eastern Air Lines”), three nights in a Miami hotel, six meals, a cocktail party, transfers and “other features” for — wait for it — the low, low price of $196 (tax included). You flew out the Friday before the game, which pitted the NFL’s Packers against the AFL’s Raiders, and returned the following Monday.
What a deal.
Wonder if Wayne Travel Service is still offering it. (Or is it just the price of gas that’s dropping to nostalgic levels?)
Yankees At First Look
Wallace Matthews quoted Brian Cashman, ““This year will be different, that’s for sure, “General manager Brian Cashman said this week. “This spring will be more important than most because there’s a lot of new guys and a lot of guys we don’t know all that much about. There’s a lot of players we have to get to know. Clearly last year there was a big focus on our captain, who’s no longer here. This year the focus will be on all the new guys.”
“I think ever since they renewed [Cashman, who received a new three-year contract], he’s had some ideas about building the team, getting younger and more versatile, and I think they’ve done that,” said the baseball executive. “Does it work? Who knows? I think the whole season comes down to two questions: The starting pitching and the hitting.”
But Cashman disputes the notion that this year’s offseason represents any sort of philosophy change by an organization that has always operated under the Big Bang Theory of baseball. He said the reason the Yankees built through barter rather than bucks this season was strictly due to circumstances.”
Rich Cimini (ESPNNY.com) wrote, “Maccagnan didn’t have too much to say about his quarterback situation. Asked if he likes Geno Smith, he said, ‘I do like Geno in terms of aspects of his play,’ adding that he hasn’t had enough time to form a definitive evaluation. Maccagnan said he’s looking forward to getting acquainted with Smith.”
We have to look at what wasn’t said. He didn’t say what aspects of play, to what he was referring or Smith’s off the field behavior for that matter.
A New Direction For The Giants
Dan Graziano (ESPNNY.com) wrote: “Ben McAdoo has been hired to run the Giants’ offense, it’s worth taking note that this is the Giants doing something they don’t normally do. They’re taking a chance on a fresh, new face with ideas that differ from theirs. They’re dipping their staid blue toe into new waters, mainly out of an admission that what they were doing for so long had stopped working. It’s a pretty big deal, and however it works out, it speaks to the state of the franchise right now. After 10 years of Manning and Coughlin, they don’t believe their run is coming to an end, but they’re at least admitting to themselves that they’ll need to try something different if they want to be right.”
I like Coughlin’s Spagnuolo hire but I would have liked Pepper Johnson better.
Cote’s Notes
Greg Cote (Miami Herald) said that the Knicks are in danger of being relegated to the D-league and that Curt Schilling said he didn’t get voted into the MLB Hall of Fame because he’s a Republican. Or, there’s also the remote possibility voters just didn’t think he was good enough.
Molinaro Maranara
Bob Molinaro (PilotOnline.com) wrote, “Hit the pause button: Let’s hold off writing Peyton Manning’s career obituary. It’s unlikely that Manning is finished – not when he’s due $19 million in base salary for showing up next season. You’d expect a pizza pitchman of his repute to have an appreciation for that kind of dough.
If you want to win a bar bet, ask if anybody can tell you who coaches the Atlanta Hawks, currently atop the NBA’s Eastern Conference and on a 10-game winning streak. Mike Budenholzer, a former apprentice under the Spurs’ Gregg Popovich, is the mystery man – and early leader for Coach of the Year. Full disclosure: I had to Google the Hawks to discover Budenholzer’s identity.
Even taking into account that Rex Ryan usually wins the news conference, it’s amusing how the blustery self-promoter could introduce himself to Bills fans as their savior, seeing as how he left the Jets after a four-win season to join a franchise that finished with nine victories.”
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) Headlines
“This from Darren Rovell (ESPN): “Pizza Hut spokesman- we are not paying QBs who say ‘Hut’ at the line of scrimmage.”
“Scientists can gauge the slightest slowing of Earth’s rotation enough to know that we need to add an extra second in 2015, but what is and what isn’t a completed NFL pass still can’t pass the eyeball test?
“Times columnist Larry Stone, via Twitter, after the Mariners acquired lefty pitcher Mike Kickham: “I’d suspect their plan is to use Kickham when they’re down.”
“Mike Bianchi of the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel, after NASCAR driver Kurt Busch claimed his ex-girlfriend is a CIA-trained assassin: “Gentlemen, start your cuckoo clocks.”
“Times desk editor Scott Hanson, on Washington State’s new defensive coordinator, Alex Grinch: “So I’m guessing he’ll make his players practice on Christmas.”
“Tiger Woods, on hand to watch girlfriend Lindsey Vonn ski in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy, got a front tooth knocked out by a swinging TV camera.
We assume he’ll be replacing that divot.
“Seahawks punter Jon Ryan, on throwing 19-yard TD pass off a fake field goal in the NFC title game: “It was a moment I won’t forget, even though I don’t remember it all right now.”


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