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April 24, 2015

A Big Night For A-Rod
Wallace Matthews (ESPNNY.com) extolled A-Rod’s performance. “terms that not only did the Yankees have no place for him to play in their field, but he would have to prove he could hit well enough to earn a part-time spot in their lineup.
This same player, who the Yankees seemed to be going out of their way to get rid of just four months ago, is the one player their lineup can not afford to be without.
Back in February, when reporters were staking out the Yankees minor-league complex and the front office was stewing about the nerve of the guy to show up early for work, what were the odds that Rodriguez would be the one and only feel-good story to come out of the Yankees season so far?
And truth be told, through all of it, A-Rod has performed a lot better than his bosses expected him to, and behaved a lot better than his bosses have, too.
Friday night, he enjoyed his first two-home run night since May 2012. He had had 56 of these previously, but none could have been any sweeter than this one, considering the backstory, the current state of the team, the future fallout of what he has done in the first 10 games, and what he is bound to do over the next 150.
He absolutely killed the first home run, a blast over the left-centerfield fence measured at 477 feet. It wasn’t only the longest home run of the season by any player so far, but also the longest home run both at The Trop in 10 years, and by a New York Yankee since Rodriguez hit a 488-foot homer in 2006.
And his second one, coming with a man on in the sixth inning and the Yankees down by two, would have been one to remember had he not hit the first one, a guided missile deep into the lower left-field seats just inside the foul pole. That one gave him 658 lifetime home runs, just two behind Willie Mays for No. 4 on baseball’s all-time home run list, and just two good swings from what promises to be the next big A-Rod drama, the squabble over the payment of his first home run bonus.
“I try not to think about that,” he said. “I’m just really focusing on trying to help the team win.”
But it was his third at-bat that was the revelation, because if Rodriguez has shown anything this season, it is that he retains the ability to hit a fastball, especially if he guesses right. Both the home runs came on fastballs, a 92 MPH heater from starter Nathan Karns and one clocked at 94 by Ernesto Frieri. But, truth be told, he has sometimes looked a little sick against the breaking ball.
Not this time.
But there’s nothing phony about the way he’s hitting right now, and nothing false about the belief that without Rodriguez, the New York Yankees would be nothing right now.
You would’ve thought it would be the other way around.”
I Was Wondering
If MLB was so intent on banning Pete Rose from all baseball activities, why didn’t they erase all of his hitting marks? Maybe they wanted to use them to spur up interest in the Jeter farewell tour.
MLB wouldn’t do that, would they?
Wallace Matthews (ESPNNY.com) wrote, “Masahiro Tanaka’s third start of the 2015 season could not have been more different from his first two.
But the biggest difference was this: After two starts in which the majority of the pitches he threw were breaking balls and off-speed pitches, in this one, Tanaka went back to plain, unvarnished heat. For the first time all season, he threw more fastballs and fewer splitters. After throwing just four four-seam fastballs in his first start, a loss to the Blue Jays on Opening Day, and just 16 in his second start, a win against Boston in which he allowed four earned runs in five innings, Tanaka went to the old No. 1 38 times against the Rays.”
Molinaro Marinara
I agreed with Bob Molinaro when he wrote: “It’s little wonder why NFL teams are unsure about risking a high pick on even some of the most prolific college quarterbacks. Take Baylor’s Bryce Petty, who reportedly had never called a play until the Senior Bowl. I’d have to think that Marcus Mariota may be in the same boat. Quarterback is supposed to be a thinking position, but colleges are turning out robots.”
The Dopey Iggles
The Sports Curmudgeon told us how Philly was trying to corner the market in 2nd string QB’s, “Let us just say that the Eagles’ QB position is “crowded”:
Sam Bradford arrived in a trade for Nick Foles
Mark Sanchez re-signed during the off-season.
Matt Barkley is still on the roster – – but should rent not buy.
Tim Tebow is about to join the parade.
Rumors persist that the Eagles want to trade up to draft Marcus Mariota.”
Some Water Hazard
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) told us about, “A golfer who suffered puncture wounds to his right calf after a crocodile twice bit him at the Palmer Sea Reef Golf Course in Port Douglas, Australia.
The duffer is laying up in a hospital bed. The croc was cited for not replacing his divots.”
More Perry Patter
Ex-Phillies pitcher Mitch Williams, to Philadelphia’s WIP Radio, after he and ex-teammate Lenny Dykstra agreed to roast each other: “It will be the first time I feel like a Harvard grad.” Ringing endorsement
Here’s what $10 gets you a ticket to see these days: the Mayweather-Pacquaio weigh-in, or the Ohio State spring football game.
(A record 99,391 chose the latter.)
Dwight’s Brendan Alert
The 76,976 fans at WrestleMania XXXI in San Francisco broke the Levi’s Stadium record for WiFi usage — 4.5 terabytes of data.
On the downside, local doctors report a sudden rash of cauliflower-thumb complaints. You shouldn’t have
And in romantic news, two rasslin’ fans picked the perfect place to get engaged — at Wrestlemania XXXI.
Well, Thelma Lou always said she wanted a big ring.


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