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July 31, 2015

ESPNNY reported, “Commissioner Adam Silver said the league is leaning toward not guaranteeing a postseason berth to a team that wins its division, forcing clubs to finish in the top eight of their conference if they want a shot at the title.
Silver had already said he expected a change from the current format that guarantees division winners no worse than the No. 4 seed. But after discussions with both the competition committee and board of governors, he believes the change will go further than that.
Silver had already said he expected a change from the current format that guarantees division winners no worse than the No. 4 seed. But after discussions with both the competition committee and board of governors, he believes the change will go further than that.
NFL Deflations
ESPN talked about the results of NFL meetings. “NFL officials will keep closer tabs on football inflation this season, according to multiple media reports.
Pregame pressure
Readings will now be documented, and there will be random halftime and postgame rechecks.
The new procedures also state that footballs will remain under the watch of NFL officials, who will inspect each one and deliver to a kicking ball coordinator, who will take chain of custody of all footballs until 10 minutes before kickoff.
Footballs will continue to be required to have at least 12.5 pounds per square inch of air and no more than 13 PSI, if a ball falls outside of those numbers it must be adjusted to 13 PSI.
Did Tom Brady get his cell phone from Hillary? It was supposed to have disappearing text messages. Aaron Hernandez would have told him that they’re still out there in the Ethernet somewhere. His story doesn’t pass the smell test.
I have to say though, how did Roger Goodell think that his hearing the appeal of his own ruling wasn’t a conflict of interest? It sounded as though Goodell took a second swig from the “evidence” glass.
Wright Is Still Wrong
David Wright didn’t look good throwing the ball to 1st from 3rd; he was short arming the ball and didn’t have any follow through. Maybe it was just what I saw but it looked like his back was still hurting.
Perry Patter
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote: “Talk about having a leg up on the competition.
A 2-year-old racehorse in Australia, born with five legs, is doing her thing after undergoing corrective surgery, with a third-place finish to show for her first two starts.
The filly’s name? Spare Parts.
Five legs? Hey, don’t laugh — Spare Parts certainly beats being a horse with no name.”
Stat of the Week
Nearly two dozen cows escaped from a farmer’s field in Wales and broke into the nearby stadium of the Colwyn Bay soccer team.
Apparently they just wanted to milk the clock.”
Brad Dixon of the Omaha World-Herald on the Irvinstown, Ireland on hosting its first sheep-dung spitting contest. “I’m unfamiliar with the sport, but I’ll go out on a limb and guess the winner’s wife doesn’t run out of the stands to kiss him.”
Ian Hamilton (Regina Leader-Post) after the Angels deployed a helicopter to help dry out their field, “Now that is an infield chopper.”
SportsPickle.com: “Yankees and Red Sox have to be disgusted by Blue Jays trying to buy an AL East title.”
TheOnion.com: “Tour de France won by rowdy, tattooed biker from Harley Davidson team.”
Vin Baker, the 7-foot former NBA player, is training to be a Starbucks manager.
Or as Baker is now known in barista circles, Mr. Double-Tall.
Talk about painful to watch at times: This year’s squad puts the S&M in Seattle Mariners.
RJ Currie of SportsDeke.com, after Tiger Woods said he still has his sights on Jack Nicklaus’ record 18 wins in majors: “It was so inspiring, I mailed another marriage proposal to Anne Hathaway.”
Comedy writer Alex Kaseberg, after the U.S. fell to Panama in the CONCACAF Gold Cup: “Losing in penalty kicks is like losing a beauty contest to a game of rock, paper, scissors.
MLB.com is selling jars of infield dirt from the All-Star Game for $25.
$25? Imagine what NHL.com could demand for a Zamboni snow cone.”
Molinaro Maranara
Bob Molinaro (Hampton Roads Pilot) wrote: “We have entered the summer doldrums, a period when every domestic sport understands that it’s about to be overshadowed by the NFL preseason. Or even the pre, preseason.
By my unofficial calculations, UAB is receiving roughly 2.5 billion times more media coverage for not playing football than it ever did or ever will for actually putting a team on the field. The worst thing UAB officials could do now is follow through on their promise to restore football. Once the school resumes play, people will return to ignoring it.”
Andrew Marchand (ESPN) wrote, “It is not time to crown Eovaldi as a legitimate starter for the next 10 starts, let alone the next 10 years, but he again showed encouraging signs.
It is the splitter that might be changing Eoavaldi from a guy with talent to a guy the Yankees can rely on. Eovaldi has always had gas, throwing his fastball in the mid-to-high 90s, but major league hitters can take advantage of that — especially when it’s straight and they know it’s coming. The splitter is as hard to master as it is to hit and provides a way to knock batters’ balance off.
“It gets hitters off his fastball,” said Brian McCann, who caught Eovaldi Sunday.
Eovaldi started fooling with the splitter at the end of his time in Miami last season. He has worked on it all season, and it has recently taken off.
“It is a way-above-average pitch,” McCann said.
It could transform Eovaldi from a nice guy with talent to a nice guy with success. He is 10-2 in large part because his run support (more than seven runs per game) is among the best in baseball. He has received four or more runs in 10 of his 20 starts. That makes it pretty easy to win games, even with an ERA of 4.27.”


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