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August 14, 2015

A Special And Unique Tree
The sports Curmudgeon told us Tonciu, Romania is a town that thought it needed a soccer pitch for the local youth to play on and to develop their skills on. So, the City Fathers decided to spend about $20K to create such a facility. However, here in Curmudgeon Central, we know well that no good deed goes unpunished and now those City Fathers are being held up to scorn and ridicule for the implantation of their “nice idea” due to the giant oak tree in the middle of the pitch.” The pitch had to be built around the tree.
Jet WR
But now he’s out with a concussion, and that’s troubling because it’s at least his fourth concussion. He’s onl5 25.
Chris Owusu’s final season at Stanford, 2011, was cut short because of a concussion. In a November game against Oregon State, he went down after helmet-to-helmet contact and left the field in an ambulance. It was his second concussion in a three-week span, his third in 13 months.
His skill set intrigued NFL scouts — some felt he had third-round talent — but he didn’t get picked at all. No doubt, teams were concerned about his medical history. He signed with the San Francisco 49ers, also spending time with the San Diego Chargers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers before landing with the Jets last season.
After a strong offseason, Owusu got off to a fast start in camp, moving up the depth chart. He was getting first-team reps in three-receiver packages, working ahead of Jeremy Kerley at times.
I Agree With The SC On This
“Scott Ostler of the SF Chronicle wrote recently that the National Anthem renditions at various sporting events need an upgrade. I could not agree more. Some of the “local talent” they trot out to sing the anthem is enough to make your hair hurt and while it may be “cute” there are precious few sixth grade glee clubs that can sing the song even marginally well. One more note from experience:
Jazz saxophonists have their place in the musical cosmos but standing at home plate and blaring the anthem in to a microphone prior to a baseball game is not their place.”
Robert Merrill was the best I ever heard.
The SC Added
I have said it before and will reiterate it here. José Canseco is the gift that keeps on giving for these sorts of rants. Here is the latest “Canseco antic”:
He is going to spend an entire week living as a woman as a show of support for Caitlyn Jenner. Canseco will be in full drag dress-mode for that whole week.
The fact that Canseco will also be involved in his own “reality show” come next Fall of course has nothing to do with this behavior. It is all about learning what Caitlyn Jenner “feels” and nothing at all about an episode for the Internet reality show Spend a Day with José. Yeah, right…
Boston Did Something Right
The SC wrote, “While I was gone, the good people of Boston – and of Massachusetts as a whole – seemingly came to their senses and terminated their bid to hold the 2024 Olympics there. The mayor of Boston had been a supporter of bidding for the games but when he was faced with signing a “host city contract” that included clauses making Boston responsible for any cost overruns that “might occur”, he balked. Evidently, there was some pressure from various Olympic officials with regard to a deadline for signing and Mayor Marty Walsh would not be cowed by the USOC. The folks in Boston ought to hold a parade for Mayor Walsh.”
Molinaro Maranara
Bob Molinaro (Hampton Roads Pilot) wrote, “The way it is: Not to exaggerate the dominance of MLB pitching, but doesn’t it seem like that every three or four days a starter takes a no-hitter into the late innings? Makes you wonder how little offensive production there might be in the playoffs, when pitching traditionally dictates.
Hospital report: During NFL training camps, we’re reminded almost daily of the carnage created by the football grind. Spotlighted this week is the grisly injury to Texans running back Arian Foster, who is undergoing surgery today to reattach his groin muscle to the bone. It hurts just to write those words.
Suspicion: A third women’s basketball player from North Carolina’s heralded 2013 recruiting class has transferred this summer, jumping ship before NCAA sanctions are handed down in the paper-class scandal. The loss of another star apparently deepens the paranoia in some Chapel Hill circles that the women’s program will be scapegoated by the university that’s looking to reduce or avoid sanctions on the big money makers: men’s basketball and football.”
Perry Patter
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote, “
Looks like Oregon’s return game is in midseason form.
USC football coach Steve Sarkisian made the mistake of taking a poke at the Ducks at Pac-12 Media Days, saying, “We’re not going to take the field this year in 13 different uniforms in 13 games.”
Bad idea, Sark.
Responded Oregon media-relations staffer Joe Waltasti in a pair of tweets: “Sark 0-5 vs. Oregon as a head coach” and “Oregon has outscored Sark-coached teams 227-97.”
UFC champion Ronda Rousey will be the next Carl’s Jr. spokesman.
Well, why not? Everything she touches turns into hamburger, too.
The top three schools in The Princeton Review’s latest ranking of top party schools — Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin — are all from the same conference.
Little wonder nobody’s sober enough to realize the Big Ten has 14 schools in it.”
The future NBA coach, as a Providence graduate assistant in 1987, predicted Friars star Billy Donovan had a great shot at making the Utah Jazz roster because “they’ve got a guy there that’s in, like, his third year named (John) Stockton that I’m not so sure about. He hasn’t played very much.”;
Donovan — now the Oklahoma City Thunder coach — told The Oklahoman that Van Gundy got this return call immediately after Donovan’s first NBA practice: “Hey, Jeff, remember that comment you made about you’re not sure about Stockton? That’s the best guard I’ve ever played against in my entire life.”


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