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September 18, 2015

The Sports Curmudgeon said: “Dwight Perry wrote the 3500th iteration of Sideline Chatter in the Seattle Times. That is a whole lot of puns and plays on words. He began writing these columns in December 1999 – 189 months ago. He wrote this-
“If Mariners ace pitcher Felix Hernandez is The King, what does that make their best outfielder — Lord of the Flies?”
And … “A former corrections officer was arrested after throwing two footballs stuffed with drugs and contraband into the prison yard at the Richland (Ohio) Correctional Institution, the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum reported.
Prosecutors can’t decide whether to charge her with drug trafficking or detentional grounding.”
And So The Games Begin
Game 1 is a game that gives the fans a lot of answers and more questions.
To begin- I don’t like the Cowboys-The Giants lost to Dallas 27-26 in the final seconds. And YES I think the officials missed that holding call where the Giant TE was held at the line. That being said, NY has NO pass rush or pass coverage. DC Spagnuolo has his job cut out for him especially when, as Dan Graziano (ESPNNY) wrote: “The New York Giants feel the damage to Jason Pierre-Paul’s right hand is worse than they were led to believe, sources said, and after the team got a chance to examine him on Monday, there are people in the organization who fear he might not be able to return to the field at all this year.”
The Jets beat the Browns 31-10, but remember this was the Browns they were playing. McKown started at QB for Cleveland but was knocked out of the game after the first series bringing in Johnny Manziel. Cleveland had 321total yards and the Jets had 333yards. Fumbles by the Browns helped the Jets to no end. The Jets ran for154 and passed for179 while the Browns had 104 and 217.
Why Does It Always Happen To The Pats?
So there is, yet, still another dark cloud over the Patriots. This time it’s about the Steelers’ headsets picking up a Boston radio play-by-play instead of the Pittsburgh coaches communications with each other. This has happened to different teams quite a bit in the last few years.
Coach Bill always puts wears the same expression, “What are you talking about. I don’t understand that stuff.”
Arte Johnson would have said on laugh in, “Veeery Interesting.”
“Self- Bloviating”
Rich Cimini (ESPNNY.com) wro-10te: “New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith, addressing reporters for the first time since his infamous locker-room altercation, said Monday he has no plans to file charges against former teammate IK Enemkpali for breaking his jaw with one punch.
Smith refused to provide any details about the incident, which occurred four weeks ago, but he painted himself as an innocent victim. He said “some things will be clarified” once the NFL completes its investigation into a possible personal-conduct violation by Enemkpali — suggesting he did nothing to provoke it.
Even though he was on the receiving end of what coach Todd Bowles called “a sucker punch,” Smith was criticized by fans and media for allowing the situation to escalate. Sources said he pointed his finger in Enemkpali’s face. His leadership was questioned.
Smith didn’t respond to direct questions of that nature, but he clearly felt he had no culpability.”
It was presumptuous of smith to say he wasn’t going to why am I not sue when he was the one who caused the whole thing. But, why am I not surprised.
Help, Help Me Ronda
The Sports Curmudgeon told us that, “I am not a big fan of MMA. I may watch a few minutes of a bout if I happen to pass through it while grazing channels but under no circumstances am I a fan or a connoisseur. The sport seems to me to be very much like pro ‘rassling with its hype and feuding but with undetermined bout outcomes and real blood/injuries. Like I said, I am not a connoisseur…
With that as background, I have to admit that I do not understand the media fascination with Ronda Rousey. I understand that she is an undefeated MMA fighter and that she has dominated all of her opponents there. Somehow, that has translated into her becoming the focus of paparazzi and gossip mongers. If I paid more attention to MMA, I might understand why that is. In any event, Greg Cote had this item in the Miami Herald recently:
“UFC star Ronda Rousey accepted an invitation to the Marine Corps Ball as the date of a Philadelphia soldier. He’ll be a perfect gentleman, or she’ll beat the !@#$ out of him.”
Iron man
Bob Molinaro (Hampton Roads Pilot) wrote: “As he starts his 10th season at left tackle for the New York Jets, former U.Va. All-American D’Brickashaw Ferguson hasn’t only played in every game of his career – all 144 – he hasn’t missed a practice in nine years.”
Perry Patter
And from the Sometimes These Items Just Write Themselves file comes word that organizers in Hawaii canceled the annual Waikiki Roughwater Swim, citing high surf and … rough water conditions.
Two Kansas City Royals — Kelvin Herrera and Alex Rios — are sidelined with chickenpox.
But not any Atlanta Braves. They can’t catch much of anything these days.
Two Olympic shot-put medalists — Canada’s Dylan Armstrong and Russia’s Yevgeniya Kolodko — have announced their engagement.
If wedding planners get their way, well-wishers will be throwing 16-pound balls instead of rice.”
Two western Pennsylvania teams lit up the scoreboard Friday night, Meadville winning, 107-90.
The Beavers (Dubois) got a 741-yard passing performance from Matt Miller, rang up 90 points — and still lost by 17!
That’s largely because Journey Brown of the Bulldogs (Meadville) rushed for 722 yards and 10 touchdowns.
At SportsPickle.com: “Patriots say they heard Steelers admit they’re just jealous in secret recordings of Steelers locker room.”
At BorowitzReport.com: “Patriots never bothered to steal Jets’ playbook.”
Strangest three-and-out in football history: The Cleveland Browns kick off the season Sunday with a GM, coach and player suspended.


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