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October 16, 2015

Go out to the entire Mets organization for being able to take the next step on their post season trip.
Before I begin I want to extol, once again, the work of the Mets batting coach, Kevin Long. The Mets wouldn’t be where they are without him,
The Sports Curmudgeon.net didn’t completely agree with the suspension and said, “As I understand the rule here, an important aspect of the “illegality” is contained in the phrase “away from the base”. I cannot see where Utley was “away from the base” and a suspension here sets a precedent that I doubt baseball wants to set i.e. the violence of a collision or the outcome of a collision has an effect on the determination of “guilt” in the matter.
No sooner did I write this when the Mets’ bats went silent. I thought I jinxed them. Then I realized that it wasn’t me it was Kershaw. Yeah! That’s the ticket- it was Kershaw.
Giants 30 49ers 27
There were times while watching the game that I yelled at the TV for the team D to guard someone and get to the QB. I could see them losing the game, again, in the last few minutes. But they overcame their shakiness and won by playing with a lot of grit.
The Niners came out throwing in the 2nd half but NY answered with 2 sacks, 2 INTS, & 2 forced fumbles. Eli didn’t throw that well only going 21-54, 441 and the Giants had 525 TTL Yds, to 360 for SF. This was a big win putting NY in 1st place by themselves.
Knick News
The SC added, “Moving right along, you have probably read reports about a confrontation between Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher. Here is how Scott Ostler summed it up in the SF Chronicle last weekend:
“Matt Barnes beats up Derek Fisher because Fisher is dating Barnes’ estranged wife, Gloria Govan. Can’t blame Fisher. Since Barnes is dating other women, Fisher assumed Govan had cleared waivers.”
I think there is another angle at work here:
Phil Jackson hired Derek Fisher to coach the Knicks specifically because Fisher was steeped in the triangle offense and could teach the triangle offense to the Knicks.
Perhaps – I said PERHAPS – Fisher was merely finding out how things work in a different sort of “triangle
Jovian Grant
6-4 198, is a project, for the Knicks, of whom Ian Begley says, “The guess here is that Grant’s pick-and-roll prowess and aggressive nature in transition will translate well in the NBA. We’d bet that, over the course of his career, Grant ends up as a starter or strong role player instead of a bust.”
Molinaro Maranara
Bob Molinaro (Hampton Roads-Pilot) wrote, “In a video snippet from an NBA exhibition, Steph Curry makes a fastbreak wrap-around pass, runs to the corner for a return pass, launches a 3, then slaps palms with Golden State teammate Andre Iguodala just before his shot hits the bottom of the net. The best show in sports is back.
Maybe Thursday night’s NFL game between Houston and Indianapolis turned out to be the exception – though given the teams, I don’t see how that could be – but CBS’ Thursday night showcases generally have been sloppy, uninspired affairs. You think asking teams to perform after a short week might have something to do with that? Ah, but Roger Goodell loves the idea.”
Perry Patter
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote, “The late Yogi Berra, as quoted in SI.com, when Kirby Puckett landed a record $3 million-a-year contract in 1990: “If Branch Rickey was alive today, he’d roll over in his grave.”
The Washington Nationals are apparently considering ironman Cal Ripken Jr. as their next manager, Fox Sports reported.
For the record, Cal would be 105 years old when he breaks Connie Mack’s record of 50 consecutive seasons managed.
An employee at a chicken-processing plant that supplies KFC lost two fingertips while on the job.
Even worse, he got blood all over his lucky Jason Pierre-Paul jersey.
“I have a few tickets left for the game Sunday,” tweeted owner Jed York of the bedraggled 49ers. “Let me know if you can make it. #FaithfulFanTix”;
Bad idea. Tweeted 49ers fan Jake Echanove in response: “I can’t give my tickets away either, Jed.”;
Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, on the wide-open race for the Nobel Prize in literature: “Although I’m pretty sure we can eliminate ‘It’s Good to be Gronk.’ ”
“What with the spraying of Champagne and the wearing of goggles, baseball players celebrate awfully hard after making the playoffs,” wrote Bob Molinaro of the Hampton Roads Virginian-Pilot. “Shouldn’t they at least survive a round before popping the bubbly?”
Alas, the visiting team won seven of MLB’s first nine playoff games.
So these teams played 162 games to earn home-field advantage because …?
Warriors center Andrew Bogut, to San Francisco’s KNBR Radio, on sniping from the hated-rival Clippers: “I’ve got my (championship) ring fitted for my middle finger.”
Janice Hough of LeftCoastSportsBabe.com, after FIFA’s ethics committee suspended embattled president Sepp Blatter for 90 days: “Shocking — FIFA has an ethics committee?”
Backup QB Matt Hasselbeck, after leading the Colts to their second straight win, when asked if the virus that had kept him out of practice was contagious: “No, but I told J.J. Watt that it was.”
Happy trails, Steve Spurrier. His career mark is 228 -89-2
Three of the sharp-tongued Ol’ Ball Coach’s best quips:
On Tennessee missing out on the Sugar Bowl: “You can’t spell Citrus without U-T.”;
On Florida State’s off-field issues: “You know what FSU stands for, don’t you? Free Shoes University.”;
On a fire that destroyed 20 books at the Auburn library: “The real tragedy was that 15 hadn’t been colored yet.”;
If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ secondary — after getting torched for four TD passes by the Jags’ Blake Bortles on Sunday — is looking for a theme song for player introductions, here’s a suggestion: “Stand By Your Man.”;
Cubs reliever Hector Rondon got stuck in the bullpen bathroom for several minutes during Game 1 of the NL Division Series after the door latch froze.
Making Chicago’s the first bullpen in need of both a closer and an opener.


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