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November 6, 2015

Lost Weekend
This was really a bad one for NY’ers. The Mets errored out of the series, the Giants lost YET another game in the final seconds, and the Jets couldn’t protect either of their QB’s.
The Giants, now 4-4, played in NO and lost 52-49 (talk about a shootout- no FG’s). There were over 1000 total yards put up. Eli was sacked three times. The invisible pass was sorely evident. Beckham had 8 catches for 130 yards
The Jets wet to Oakland and lost to the “Ray-dahs” 34-20. Geno Smith replaced Fitzpatrick when Fitz had his wrist injured but had to re-enter the game when Smith was laid out by a tackler. The Jets, now 4-3, had 366 total yards (only 74 rushing) to Oakland’s 451).
Watch For It
Bob Molinaro (Hampton Roads Pilot) said, “Immovable force: After unbeaten Denver stifled Aaron Rodgers, NFL mavens are comparing the Broncos’ defense to the havoc-creating 2013 Seahawks, 2000 Ravens and even 1985 Bears. All the more reason to anticipate how Denver will fare when Tom Brady’s Patriots visit on Nov. 29.
Perry Patter
Greg Cote of the Miami Herald, on golfer Lexi Thompson’s six LPGA tournament wins at age 20: “My biggest accomplishment at 20 was figuring out that if you rocked a vending machine, an extra bag of chips might fall.”
In just seven starts this season, the Texans have trailed the Dolphins 41-0 — in the first half! — and the Falcons 42-0.
Coincidence? Houston’s Week 10 visit to Cincinnati has just been declared the Bengals’ homecoming game.
The Texans finally cut ties with punctuality-challenged QB Ryan Mallett after he missed the team’s Oct. 23 charter flight to Miami.
Guess the scouting reports were spot-on: His aerial game still needs a little work.
Fox spiced up its playoff coverage by adding PED and gambling pariahs Alex Rodriguez and Pete Rose to its baseball panel.
As for Pete, he refers to himself as the infamous duo’s bettor half.
Here’s why pundits say NFL is short for Not For Long: Only four starters from the 49ers’ Super Bowl XLVII team of three seasons ago — linebackers Ahmad Brooks and NaVorro Bowman, O-linemen Joe Staley and Alex Boone — are still in the team’s starting lineup.
Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, to the San Antonio Express-News, on how his team managed to sign All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge: “I was there. I was involved. I spoke. I begged. I got on my knees. I offered my children. Things like that.”
Comedy writer Alex Kaseberg, after the Chinese Communist Party banned golf, excessive drinking and adultery: “In a related story, plans for the Tiger Woods Beijing Country Club have been canceled.”
Brendan Alert from Dwight: “Rasslin’ star Triple H sent the Royals a WWE-style championship belt to commemorate their World Series win.
What, you thought he’d send them a ring?”
Parent Excesses
The Sports Curmudgeon passed along this info: “A mid-fielder named Abdullah Qassem was not selected to be on the UAE National Team. According to The Daily Mail, Qassem made indecent gestures and ranted at the coach who selected the team; another player recorded on video the rant and the commentary; the recording made it to the Internet. A court in Abu Dhabi found both players guilty of:
“… using telecommunications services to offend and hurt the feelings of others, and displaying a recording that breached public ethics through the web”.
The two players were each sentenced to 3 months in jail for this societal breech. Here is the link in case you think I am kidding. Recall this story the next time you read about some parent going nuts over some real or imagined slight directed at one of his/her offspring…
Finally, here is a comment from Greg Cote in the Miami Herald about NASCAR’s Chase for the Cup which will culminate in the Miami suburb of Homestead:
“This is 14th year we’ve hosted the grand finale, and I still can’t believe they have it in Homestead. It’s like the NFL putting a Super Bowl in Fargo, North Dakota.”
Coaching 101
As I often try to explain here, coaching – and managing in baseball – are overrated in 90% of the cases. In most cases, the effect of coaches and managers is “Meh”.
Give him mediocre or bad players to coach and his teams will lose.
Give him a set of players having better than average years in their careers and his teams will win.
I got a note from a friend just after the Royals had taken a 2-0 lead in the World Series beating both Matt Harvey ad Jacob deGrom. It is an amazing stat:
“I saw a great stat today – of the 84 fastballs Harvey and deGrom threw the Royals hit or made contact with 82.”
Being the cynic, that I am, I think most of the Hoo-Hah that we’re hearing about the Washington trademark is a media creation to sell papers and is a result of a misguided soul reacting to being told that they should be offended and could be awarded a large settlement paid by the government not the talker.
“They found more than a couple dozen offensive trademark names” wrote the Sports Curmudgeon, “That have been approved by the trademark mavens in recent times; the direct implication is that those names are in the same genre of names as “Redskins”. Here are a couple that they cite:
Gringo Style (a kind of salsa)
Redneck Army (a line of clothing).”
I am rooting for this to go to the Supreme Court for a final decision. It really does not matter to me which way the decision goes in the final confrontation; the world will continue to go from day to night and back to day again in the event that either side prevails. What I want to witness is the commentary by the media folks who report on Supreme Court proceedings as to the oral arguments and then as to the parsing of the various opinions that will surely come forth from the Justices. I have zero legal training, but that will be enjoyable listening and reading indeed…”


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