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November 20, 2015

Patriots 27 Giants 26
ARRGH. Yet another loss in the game’s final seconds
By now, you’ve been reading about all of the drops. But, to me, that’s not what was most disturbing.
Eli didn’t play well. He was 22-44 with many poor passes and a lost fumble. The team was 1-5 in the red zone. That was followed up by the special teams allowing Amendola to record an 85 yard punt return.
Perry Patter
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote: “At TheOnion.com: “Bulls players annoyed by Derrick Rose always leaving torn ligaments all over locker room.”
At SportsPickle.com: “Wes Welker on with Rams: ‘I think I have five more good concussions left in me.”
Man U star Wayne Rooney, sitting in the front row at a WWE event in Manchester, floored 6-foot-7 Wade Barrett with a right-hand slap after the rassler walked up and taunted him.
Rasslin’ judges scored the flop a 9.3, but it rated only a 3.7 in soccer circles.
Winless Kansas, hurtling toward an 0-12 football season, has lost its nine games this season by an average of 31½ points.
The ground opened up and swallowed 12 cars in an IHOP parking lot in Meridian, Miss.
Alert insurance adjusters immediately declared the hole a par-12.
Reader Tony Supan, to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, envisioning the NFL putting a team in Moscow: “Deflategate will seem trivial compared to what Putin and his boys will do to win. Remember, he already has one Super Bowl ring.”
Three Yomiuri Giants pitchers have been hit with indefinite suspensions for betting on baseball games.
Coincidence? All three now answer to the nickname Tokyo Rose.”
Lakers forward Metta World Peace, to L.A.’s KNBC-TV, when asked how many points a game Michael Jordan would average if he made a comeback at age 52: “It depends how big his belly is. If he has a flat belly, I say 20. If he has a big belly, six to nine.”;
Reader RegisHawk, to NBCsports.com, on Texas A&M suing the Colts for using the Aggies’ trademarked “12th Man” term: “Luckily, the Niners own the trademark on ‘dumpster fire’ already.”
Ian Hamilton of the Regina (Sask.) Leader-Post, after the 12-carat Blue Moon diamond sold at auction for $48.5 million: “OK, what’d Kobe Bryant do this time?”
Officials called the Gonzaga-Pitt season opener in Japan at halftime due to a slippery playing surface.
In other words, they scheduled two basketball teams — and a hockey game broke out


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