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November 27, 2015

Ian Begley (ESPNNY) wrote about the Knick rookie: “I made shots,” he said. “I could have played better, obviously.”
And he also was right about his self-assessment on Monday. The Heat gave Porzingis a reality check early in the game, forcing him to miss six of his first eight shots. He failed to connect from spaces on the court where he had enjoyed success earlier this week: both elbows, the right wing and right in front of the rim.
The rookie found some rhythm in the second half, hitting five of 10 shots. But most of his points came with the Knicks trailing by double digits in the fourth quarter.
“Today wasn’t a good day for me or the team,” he said afterward.
The Knicks loss wasn’t all on Porzingis though. It didn’t help that the Knicks bench was outscored 30-10 or that New York attempted 15 fewer free throws than Miami. It also didn’t help that Carmelo Anthony missed 10 of his 16 shots.
Despite the loss, the big picture for Porzingis remains overwhelmingly positive.
Monday’s game was the rookie’s seventh double-double in 15 games. He has recorded single-game highs for rookies this season in points (29) and blocks (seven) and is tied for the rookie single-game high in rebounds (15).
So all of the attention being heaped on the No. 4 pick is warranted.
But it will be interesting to see how Porzingis reacts when teams key on him defensively.
Hours before tipoff on Monday, Chris Bosh told reporters the Heat would focus their attention on the rookie.
“Most from what I see on the film is guys not paying attention to him,” Bosh said. “He can play basketball.
“Just challenge him. He’ll hit tough shots, but we can’t allow him to get easy buckets.”
The Heat found a way to slow Porzingis down by using a combination of Bosh and Luol Deng guarding him.
Now that he has found some success in the NBA, Porzingis can expect other opposing defenses to concoct a game plan against him.
How will he respond?
Champions League By The Numbers
The Sports Curmudgeon reasoned, “According to reports, each team in the news league will have two former NBA All-Stars on its roster in addition to a Hall of Fame member in the team’s Front Office. For the 16 teams the league says it will employ a total of 250 folks and that the players will make about $200K each for the year. The season will consist of 30 games to be played in July and August when the NBA is dark. So, let me do a bit of math here…
Each of the 16 teams should have 12 – 15 players on the roster. Let me assume the number is 14 per team meaning there will be 224 players in the league.
If each player makes $200K, the player salary cost will be just under $45M.
Each team will have to pay the Front Office folks something and will have to pay things like travel costs and rents for their game venues. Just for giggles, let me lowball that number at something like $500K per team or $15M for the league.
Ignoring all other costs, the league needs to generate something in the vicinity of $60M during their 2-month season to break even.
One other featured item in the league’s announcement of itself is that they will offer “family-friendly and affordable entertainment during the NBA’s downtime.” Focus on the word “affordable” there as we do some more math:
If there are 16 teams playing a 30 game schedule, that means there will be 240 games. Absent a TV deal, those 240 games would have to generate $250K per game to get to the $60M level.
Most of the teams in the D-League play to average crowds of 2500 fans. A few teams average 4500; some teams average less than 1000 fans per game.
For the Champions League averaging 2500 fans per game would mean that each fan would need to cough up $100 per game in total revenue for the team.
I admit these are ballpark numbers and average attendance for this product may exceed the average attendance in the D-League. Nonetheless, this does not make sense to me at all. I can see fans turning out for “Old-timers Games” – but not a dozen times in a two month span. Moreover, if each team is going to play 30 games in July and August as announced, that means they will play every other day; there are 62 days in July and August combined. That does not sound like scheduling that recognizes that many of the roster players – and particularly the ones that fans might know and recognize and want to see on the court – are in their late 30s/early 40s”
Perry Patter
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote, “At Fark.com: “Ironically, the last name of Joe Flacco contains the letters ACL.”;
Three men forced their way into a Toys R Us in Hamilton, Ontario, and stole $20,000 worth of Legos.
In other words, more bricks than a DeAndre Jordan free-throw exhibition.
Wisconsin fans hurled snowballs at their own cheerleaders at last Saturday’s football game.
Coincidence? Irate school officials immediately announced they will no longer accept student applications postmarked Philadelphia.
Eagles fan kicked a field goal from the 20-yard line to win $20,000 at halftime of Sunday’s 45-17 loss to the Buccaneers.
Onlookers were shocked — not that he made it, but at hearing the words “Eagles” and “I’m going to Disney World” in the same sentence.
Bills coach Rex Ryan, to Buffalo’s WGR Radio, on QB Tyrod Taylor’s shoulder injury: “I don’t know the particulars of what they call things or whatever. If we had the technical terms on it, you guys wouldn’t know it either.”;
Colts coach Chuck Pagano, in his postgame speech, after 40-year-old QB Matt Hasselbeck and 42-year-old kicker Adam Vinatieri spearheaded another win: “Bingo night on Thursday!”
Australian Carlton Williams, 50, broke his own world record by doing 2,200 pushups in an hour.
The resulting notoriety is nice, he admitted, but it has its ups and downs.”


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