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December 3, 2015

Jets 38 Miami 20
Good game! Good game. The Jets rushed well for 137 yds- Ivory ran 21/87. The D had 3 sacks and 1/INT. Marshal had 9 catches for 131yards.
Washington 20 Giants 14
Eli said, “We have to start making plays.” Change the we to I. He had 3 INTs, 2 fumbles, and was sacked 3 times. They all stunk.
NFL Dollars
The Sports Curmudgeon wrote, “In something far below the level of Earth-shattering news – in fact even below the level of marginally important news – CBS Sports today announced that it will have a new logo and new on-screen graphics coinciding with its telecast of the Super Bowl in February 2016. The new logo is described as “newer” and “sleeker” than the old one. Please raise your hand if the logo that a network uses on its sports telecasts has any bearing on whether you choose to watch that event on that network.
I thought so…
I read another report regarding CBS recently. For the telecast of Super Bowl 50, CBS is charging $5M for the “prime” 30-second spots in the game and that almost all of the “prime” spots have already been sold. If that is the case and we are not quite into December yet, I suspect that the price of the unsold “non-prime” spots might see a slight increase as December proceeds into January.
Finally, Scott Ostler of the SF Chronicle had this hopeful view of sports finances recently:
“Bob Iger will be paid $1 per year to steer the Raiders’ quest to build a stadium in Los Angeles. Sheikh Salman, running for president of FIFA, says he will do the job for free. This trend can mean only one thing: Cheaper beer.”
Molinaro’s Weekly Briefing
Bob Molinaro (Hampton Roads-Pilot) wrote: “The waiting game: It’s hard to know what’s more annoying about the NFL season – shoddy officiating or the tedious review system that exposes it. Some badly missed calls in the playoffs years ago led to the introduction of replay meant to overturn egregious errors, but it’s opened the door to what we have now – too many stoppages to inspect the slightest discrepancy. Or to confirm clarification of a rule. And some replays just add to the confusion and loss of confidence in officiating. It’s probably too late now, but the games would be easier to watch if the league struck a happier balance between getting calls right and accepting inescapable human error.
Numbers game: When did media – mostly TV – start listing the won-lost records of NFL quarterbacks, as if they were starting pitchers? It’s a mostly ridiculous statistic, but like a lot of silly things, it’s here to stay.
Current events: The negative attention given to Johnny Manziel’s partying might lead some to believe that Joe Namath couldn’t have played in today’s NFL.
Hoops du jour: When Northern Iowa beat previously No. 1-ranked North Carolina, it was a reminder that these kind of upsets wouldn’t be so rare if Power 5 conference teams weren’t chicken to play on the mid-majors’ home courts.
Final chapter: It looks like a misprint, but Kobe Bryant missed 13 of 14 shots in Tuesday’s loss to the Warriors. An off night? Just one of many for the faded icon who is shooting 31 percent this season and is further embarrassing himself from the 3-point line, where he is 15 for 77.
Wondering: Why is Major League Baseball, which has handed out its annual season-ending awards, the only major sport that features two MVPs, one in each league? Wait, I know: because that’s the way it was done in 1931.
Stat stuff: The 76ers aren’t losing by accident. The maladroit Philadelphians have more turnovers than assists.
Perry Patter
Dwight Perry (Seattle Times) wrote, “I could’ve scored 80 tonight,” said the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant after scoring four points on 1-for-14 shooting in a 34-point loss to the Warriors Tuesday night. “It wouldn’t have made a damn difference.”
Though it would’ve been fun watching him take the 280 shots he would’ve needed to do it.
A Pennsylvania teen took a wrong turn on the half-marathon course last Sunday and thus ran all 26.2 miles of the Philadelphia Marathon.
In the annual Turkey Day flag-football game, he was the one they always told: “You go long!”
Quote marks
Janice Hough of LeftCoastSportsBabe.com, after Browns QB Johnny Manziel lost his starting job Tuesday after video surfaced of him partying with champagne and uttering profanities: “So congratulations to all those who had Nov. 24 in the pool.”
Headline at Fark.com: “Panthers DE suspended one year for smoking weed; former Panthers DE Greg Hardy too busy suiting up for upcoming game to comment.”
Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, on Charles Barkley’s refusal to jump on the Warriors’ bandwagon: “Which is good. Might collapse the whole thing.”
Tom Fornelli of CBSsports.com, after 300-pound Kentucky D-lineman Cory “Poop” Johnson returned a fumble 77 yards for a touchdown against Tennessee: “A Pooper Scooper, if you will.”
Indianapolis headed into Week 12 co-leading the AFC South with just a 5-5 record.
Probably not the Indy .500 local fans had in mind.
Cowboys QB Tony Romo is out for the season after breaking his collarbone for the second time in nine weeks.
In other words, he has a snap count of two.
The Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony took seven steps while pulling up to take a jump shot against the Heat — and didn’t get called for traveling.
Replay officials refused to reverse it, saying he maintained possession with both feet inbounds.
RJ Currie of SportsDeke.com, after Floyd Mayweather, speaking of Ronda Rousey, said “a true champion can take a loss and bounce back”: “The guy was 49-0. How would he know?”
Stampeders long-snapper Randy Chevrier, to the Calgary Sun, on what he’d be doing if he didn’t play football for a living: “I’d be standing upright more.”
The Bills, simply out of habit, emerged from the bus in punt formation.
From ESPN’s Kevin Negandhi: DeAndre Jordan has already missed 95 free throws this season, nearly the same total Steph Curry has missed the past 4 seasons combined.


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