My name is Bob Connolly and I enjoy watching sports of almost every sort with the exceptions of rhythmic gymnastics and ballroom dancing. 

I’m not able to play,though, because I’m a Polio survivor from the class of 1954. Holy cow– 1954–that’s almost 60 years ago. I must be an old grump.

I  look in the mirror and still see a 25-year old stud looking back at me. I’ve been married to a saintly woman, Carol, for more than 40 years who has put up with my nonsense all of the time- well, most of the time. 

I spend a lot of time in front of the TV with sports on the tube and try to use the excuse that I write a weekly sports recap  for a local newspaper and have communications with several other sports guys around the nation (hoo-ray for the internet).

But ya’  know it doesn’t always work  with her.


One Response to “About”

  1. I thought you and your readers might be interested in my latest novel, How to Rig the NCAA Basketball Championship for Fun and Profit. It’s a tale about a college basketball referee with troubles on and off the court who decides the solution to all his problems, and maybe those of college basketball too, is rigging college basketball’s biggest game. And, as a byproduct, he planned to make millions of dollars in the process.

    Do you think it can’t happen? Think again. The books includes notes on not only how it can be done, but also on how easy it might be.
    If you would like to review the book for your readers, I’ll provide a complimentary copy, publish your review on my website with a link to your site and provide space for any additional comments you may have.

    For more information, the complimentary review copy or an author interview, please e-mail me at or call 815-963-8383.

    Thanks in advance,

    James Wolfe

    Press release

    How to Rig the NCAA Basketball Championship for Fun and Profit is a humorous, poignant and alarming novel about a guy who plans to rig the biggest college game of them all for revenge and a whole lot of money.

    Over the many years Stanley Osborn officiated, college basketball had grown into a huge business, enriching universities, coaches, equipment and apparel manufactures, donors and the NCAA at the expense of the players. The brutal treatment of refs by rabid fans and overpaid coaches increased along with the game’s popularity. Coping with the scrutiny of the media and the many conference and NCAA officials was becoming tougher. Even convincing his wife and daughter that his avocation was worth his time away from home was harder each season. But most troubling was reconciling the sleazier aspects of big-time college sports with its purpose of providing fair, equitable and sportsmanlike competition as part of the higher educational experience of the student-athlete. 

    Finally, after being suspended for tossing perhaps the best coach in the sport out of a key game, Stan had had enough.  He developed a plan to get even with all who have questioned his officiating talent and honesty and to focus much needed attention on the exploitation by and corruption of the sport he once loved. Stan made the life-altering decision to apply his officiating skills to influencing the outcome of games without anyone knowing.  A close, yet bogus charging call here, an uncalled traveling call there might affect the point spread enough for him to win some bets. The successful execution of the plan would make him rich. And hopefully promote some much needed reform of college athletics.

    There are more twists and turns, fakes and fast breaks than in the Final Four. Mr. Wolfe presents a no-holds barred examination of the good, bad and ugly about college basketball. Frankly, it’s downright scary.  Initial reviewers agree it’s an engrossing, worthwhile read addressing a topic that needs a thorough examination. If you love college sports, especially basketball, and if you love a lightning fast, cliffhanging story, How to Rig the NCAA Basketball Championship for Fun and Profit is for you.

    James Wolfe, is an engineer, entrepreneur, sports fanatic, and author of seven books of fiction and nonfiction including the bestselling novel Little Balls Big Dreams.

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